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The May Edition in June! :stupidme:

This article features artwork and interviews from artists involved in the digital and photography group, Belle-Art

:bulletpurple: Group Announcements :bulletpurple:

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IMPORTANT Please submit your artwork to the appropriate category, I don't know why I have to keep telling people this. Art will start being declined without me telling you from now on if you keep submitting to the wrong folder.

If you want something to be featured here, just note the group!
For art features, donate points to the group fund & note alovernotafighter for more information


Borruen is a fantastic photomanipulator/illustrator whose artwork is more innovative, creative and imaginative than most photomanipulation landscapes you see!

Explain what you do.
So, I'm a photomanipulator/illustrator. As I once said in my journal, "Manipulation is not simply putting totally different pictures together, it's about recreating reality. By merging different representations of reality, different moments in time, we, manipulators, are able to create our own worlds from scratch.". Sometimes strict manipulation doesn't give you the freedom you need, so I usually draw a bit on my manips.

Let's Go Home, Daddy by Borruen

What genre do you like creating most?
Well, it's hard to define what genre I like, but I always tend to do fantasy/sci-fi. I always try to make something as original as possible and I think those two genres, despite some people thinking otherwise, have a lot of potential for originality.

The Jade Sea - Unwaking Waves by Borruen

Why did you choose photomanipulation/mixed media?
I'll be honest, I've chosen manipulation because I didn't have a tablet then. Haha no, seriously, I wanted to create something so bad, yet I didn't have the tools to do so, so I had to improvise with what I had, and all I had was Photoshop. Manipulation seemed the most accessible medium then, so I tried it and fell in love.

Ben and Gerald in Gravetown by Borruen

What do you love about it?
I love how you can recreate reality with manipulation. You're not just manipulating a photograph, you're manipulating a moment in reality that was captured by that photograph. You're merging all these unique moments into something completely new, a new world that you're able to transform as you wish. Sure, you may have much more freedom with painting/drawing, but none of them give you the opportunity to play with something true, with something real that was once caught in time. Yea I know it may seem too deep to be true to some people, but that's really how I feel and why I love manipulation! haha

Mechopolis by Borruen

Do you have any tips for people interested in doing this?
Giving tips is hard for me. I had no formal training on manipulation, drawing, composition or anything like that, so I don't have anything "didactic" to say. All I can say is, the software is not the problem, anyone can use photoshop or any other editor. Don't ever rely solely on the software when manipulating as it's not gonna create anything by itself. Keep in mind that manipulating is indeed a form of artistic expression and for such, it demands artistic knowledge. You can't do a good manipulation without knowing proportions, perspective, color matching, composition, drawing and even painting. I sketch my manips, I draw perspective lines on them, I keep proportions in mind. Actually I keep in mind everything a painter/drawer does, I just use different resources, but the technical aspects are pretty much the same. I HAD to learn these things by myself in order to do something relatively good.


:bulletpurple: Featured Artwork :bulletpurple:
The best from the past four week's submissions!

Macabre . Horror
EZ by Negatic

Mature Content

Twisted Transistor by RGDart

Dark . Surreal
:thumb207379349: hoping for a darker past by MyHiddenTreaSure My Melpomene by alterlier world in discord by Phons08194 :thumb175872893: C o r v i D by J-u-d-a-s Pachamamanistico Tropical by RobotDelEspacio

Fantasy . Sci-Fi
Delia Thient by Liamythesh The Guardian by TitusBoy25 The nymph of the forest by DavidHakobian Illuminato's shards by Tsabo6 :thumb210474454: If you Start this Fire we.... by LoveisSuicidel medieval fish by bobstrong Monarch by RozennIlliano Oboro, Forest Of Lost Spirits by Borruen

Conceptual . Emotional
ORANGE LOVE by cetrobo Goddess of Creatures close-up by EmiliaPaw5

Mature Content

Eternal Sadness by Ean-Sze
red room games by KalbiCamdan

Portraits . People
:thumb209243269: The Tiger In Me: Revamped by KirstenLane Hibiscus by cunene Porcelain by crespella Ellie by DVArtworks SUPER PSY by cetrobo Kiss you off by crespella Own Solstice by HasiMD :thumb210309946: The Asgardian by TargetView Horny by FlexDreams

Nature . Animals
LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN by gingado Rainy day by keep-smiling-lila Giant treehouse by Tohad Lost Path by d3fect Dominance War V God by anastasiyacemetery I AM NOT ALONE by gingado River of dreams by Chaton75

Landscapes . Buildings
Misty River II by jpgmn Landscape Study I by d3fect Forever Lost by eyesweb1 3ds Max - Villa Modeling by gorselefektanimasyon reflections II by melless

Mixed Media . Miscellaneous
Art-lab by Echoes83

Mature Content

Sorceress and water Dragon by Zethrix
EXP. 1 by MixeRBink Dreams by MOEYart Eyes.Wide.Open by archanN

:rose: Thank you for reading and looking at this month's issue! :rose:
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